Welcome to the new website for the Eastport Democratic Club!

Eastport Democratic Club (EDC) – cheap beer and good people serving the community since 1929!

EDC is a hub of activity and a community-gathering place; these are just a few events EDC has hosted over the last couple months … come join the fun by clicking the link below!

Join today and stay tuned for info on our Green Beer Races!

April 28 at 7:12pm
Birthday baseball pizza night!!

April 22 at 10:19am
 · Annapolis
Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Pat Murray spoke to the Almost 7:30 Breakfast Club this morning

Naptownmusic at Eastport Democratic Club.
March 12
Turning the ‪#‎MRE into a Swampcandyland – Swampcandy adding the beat to the beer at the Green Beer Races at EDC Eastport Democratic Club33